I’m Here!

The essential social media add-on for iMessage on iPhone and iPAd.

I’m Here! contains an iMessage extension that is a fun one-touch way to pass on your location to your friends, colleagues and family and to send them meeting requests with an accurate position. On receipt of your iMessage, the extension will display the exact location on a map and allow the user to tap to enter Apple Maps with the destination automatically inserted so that directions can be automatically generated. On receipt of your iMessage to a Mac Messages app, the information is displayed on a special website for the purpose. By tapping the W3W button, your location message can also be sent as a “WHAT3WORDS” position. This is a new and simple way to describe a location in the world.
The I’m Here! app allows your location, altitude, speed and course to be easily displayed and shared with your friends, collegues and family. Additionally, with a single long-touch, a Rhumb Line course and distance from you to any location on the earth is instantly calculated and displayed, again with the ability to forward this information with a single tap. This course can be instantly rechecked and corrected for any drift from your course with just a single re-touch of the “Where Am I?” button. Battery life is maximised by the use of single location checks with each request.

The units used for both the app and the iMessage extension can be easily changed from the preferences section of the I’m Here! app.

I’m Here! is a truly valuable and fun back-up tool for any sailor, aviator, crew member, traveller or hiker.